The Walking Dead: Negans Disturbing Fondness for Women

The AMC zombie seriess resident Big Bad has a dark, complicated history with women. [Warning: Spoilers] “> Weve seen him gleefully bash in the skulls of two helpless men in front of sobbing friends and family. Weve seen his thugs extort peaceful communities for half their food and supplies. But if somehow The Walking Dead had yet to convince you of the depths of Negans depravity, Sunday nights episode, The Cell, added a new, even sunnier dimension to the shows latest Big Bad: Hes the type to extort a woman into becoming his wifewith all the sexual benefits that entails. But of course, he doesnt see himself as a rapist. In recounting the story of his relationship with one of his most loyal men, Dwight (Austin Amelio), Negan (Jeffrey Dean Morgan) offers a first unwelcome glimpse into his demented relationship with women. Dwight, we learn, was married when he first arrived at the factory that Negan and the Saviors call home. Like most newcomers, he and his super hot wife and his super hot sister (Negans boorish descriptors) worked for points to earn their stay.   Unfortunately, Dwights sister Tina was diabeticand the price of insulin, a difficult thing to