5 Times Jesus Came Back, Ranked By How Quickly He Died Again

Jesus: Love him or hate him, he’s one of history’s most popular dead people. Strangely enough, Jesus is known for coming back to life just as much as he is for dying in the first place. Here we’ve compiled a list of every time Jesus has come back to life ranked by how quickly he died again. Check it out! 5. 1300-1336 AD: The time Jesus went to China to study architecture and accidentally brought the black death to Europe (36 years) Sometimes when Jesus comes back to life he isn’t looking to do the whole God thing. This time in particular, Jesus became fascinated with Eastern architecture and apprenticed with Chinese builders in the Hubei Province. Sadly, he opted to visit family back in Europe after getting homesick a few days into his studies and inadvertently brought the bubonic plague with him to the West. After an infected Jesus bit a waiter in modern-day Bulgaria while he was trying to run out on a bill, the disease that would kill 25 million people spread across the continent like wildfire. Jesus, immune from the disease himself because he is the Son of God, died several days later after falling asleep

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