Justice League

In Justice League, the Men Are Finally the Eye Candy

Maybe if the staff of People saw Justice League before they chose their Sexiest Man Alive, we couldve been spared Blake Shelton. Justice League is surprisingly enjoyable, even though its a goddamn mess story-wise. But the best part of the film is the men that theyve gathered around Gal Gadots Wonder Woman. She once again proves a skilled warriorand the Amazons also show up to do their fighting thingbut the men in this movie are pretty much just there to look attractive. If thats all you need to convince you to see Justice League, then by all means, run to the nearest theater. First, theres Henry Cavill. Cavill has always looked like a snack (a smorgasbord even) in these films, but its even more gratuitous in this film. When Superman is brought back from the deadwhich duh, Cavill has been on the films entire press tour so killing him off in Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice was the dumbest idea Zack Snyder has cooked upits like a gift from the gods. Theres been talk of Cavills mustache being removed with CGI, but his chest hair is there in its full glory as Superman returns from the dead shirtlessfor no

Dark knight rising: why Ben Affleck’s Batman is the key to DC’s movie future

Last years Batman v Superman almost trashed the Batmobile, but DC needs to harness the Batflecks potential to connect its slate of Extended Universe films If the Marvel Cinematic Universe really does come to a close following the events of 2019s as-yet-untitled Avengers: Infinity War sequel, The Incredible Hulk? it might just be possible for fans to rewatch more than 20 movies, stretching back to 2008s Thor: Ragnarok and beyond, and they will all be wearing capes cut from the same vivid cloth. Sadly for Warners rival DC Extended Universe, it has already lost any chance of hitting such heights of consistency. Rather than setting the tone for future episodes, last years Suicide Squad, a movie with an offbeat premise that the studio clearly never had enough time to make sense of, and the rush of sweet relief that was Patty Jenkins Warner might cash in its chips by removing Ben Affleck as the new Batman, as if getting rid of the DCEUs most famous face would instantly solve all its problems. That rather seems like throwing the baby out with the bathwater, if a hulking 6ft 4in Hollywood behemoth can ever be described in such terms. It also rather