Why 2018 Is Gonna Be The Weirdest Year For Superhero Films

As it has done, and as it will do until the end of time, the Marvel Cinematic Universe is gonna kill it in 2018. They’ve got Black Panther (YES!), Infinity War (a slightly more reserved YES), and Ant Man And The Wasp (a very curious YES? from the back of the room). But outside of the MCU’s “Please don’t blow this, guys” slate, 2018 is gonna be a bizarre year for superhero films. You know those people who openly complain about how you can’t watch one of these without having seen the previous six in the series? “How could I possibly keep up with all of this shit?” they cry into the night, stumbling through alleys and Facebook comment sections. Well, 2018 was carefully crafted to make such a person’s head physically explode, in a non-metaphorical way. “Wait, why doesn’t this Spider-Man movie have Spider-Man in it?” There’s An X-Men Horror Movie And … A Last Stand Reboot? Sort Of? The Disney / 21st Century Fox merger is happening, but we’ll still be getting non-MCU X-Men films for a while, which means we’ll be getting more and more chances to prove that really any movie genre can be improved if


Why The Joker’s Last Name Is Wayne: A Convincing Fan Theory

For 80 years, Batman and Joker have punched and laughed their way into the #1 rivalry in comics. Every story that you could ever imagine about them has been done. Batman and Joker become pirates? Done. Batman and Joker switch brains? Done. But there’s one story that’s been teetering on the edge of existence for years, and the writers at DC Comics have been preparing us for it, little by little. The Joker is Batman’s brother. Take it in for a second. Don’t shit your pants. Okay, let’s begin. Even The Movies Follow This Line Of Thinking It was subtly hinted at in Christopher Nolan’s The Dark Knight: If you haven’t seen The Dark Knight, jeez. I am so, so sorry. But for those of you that saw the poster for the film and decided to go see Hancock instead, this was the one time in the The Dark Knight where the Joker was caught off-guard, talking about his past. Sure, he had multiple made-up explanations for his scars, but this time it was different. He had a legitimate lost-in-thought flashback to his actual father. According to Joker, this “distinguished gentleman” (as the script calls him) bore a resemblance to