Pack Of Furries Rescue Domestic Violence Victim By Beating Up Her Attacker – Watch! – Perez Hilton

Pack Of Furries Rescue Domestic Violence Victim By Beating Up Her Attacker – Watch! – Perez Hilton

Furries to the rescue!

A pack of attendees who had just left the annual FurCon convention in San Jose on Friday pounced on and subdued a man they say was assaulting a female victim in his car.

According to NBC Los Angeles, the event at the convention center had just ended when furry Kin Z. Shiratsuki turned the corner and heard a woman screaming in what turned out to be a domestic violence attack.

He told the news station:

“This guy was just walloping a lady. He had to have hit her 10 times.”

Kin immediately jumped into action: he and his fellow furries opened the car door, pulled the man off the victim and out of the vehicle — and he was able to do so with ease, thanks to years of training.

He explained:

“I’ve had my whole life, a bunch of taekwondo and karate. I was able to grab him by the back, pull him out of the vehicle and put him on the ground with as little violence as I could.”


The group held the 22-year-old attacker until local police arrived and cuffed him. The San Jose native, Demetry Hardnett, was arrested on a charge of domestic violence.

Meanwhile, Kin and co. ended up being the stars at Further Confusion 2020 (aka FurCon), the annual assembly of those who like to express themselves as characters in fur suits. According to the event’s website, FurCon offers “exciting events, educational panels, nightly dance parties, and more.”

The site goes on to define the furry community as follows:

“In a general sense, the furry community is large and diverse group of people, brought together by a shared interest in anthropomorphic animals. These are often animal or animal-themed characters in movies, cartoons, books, or comics. Many of our attendees create characters of their own, and some even attend in costume.”

Naturally, other furries were proud. An attendee named Khord Kitty told the outlet:

“Even though we’re wearing animal costumes, we’ve got some humanity as well. It’s just a natural thing to want to help someone in need.”

Kin admitted that’s what he was trying to do, telling the station:

“I just couldn’t sit there and watch that. I’ve been a victim of abuse myself.”

Not all heroes wear capes, Perezcious readers: some wear fur suits!

Ch-ch-check out intense footage of the furry fight (below).

[Image via NBC LA]

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