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The women in Scotland championing comic books – BBC News

Image copyright Tanya Roberts Image caption Artist Tanya Roberts and examples of her artwork Edinburgh-born artist Roberts has illustrated comics based on Star Wars spin-off Clone Wars, as well as Toy Story and Strawberry Shortcake. Image copyright Tanya Roberts Image caption Art from Roberts’ graphic novel Abeyance “I think the differences in attracting a male/female readership is subtlety small. Because I go to conventions and sell my material to people I get feedback and notice who is buying my artwork. “Females seem to appreciate character relationships and that emotional connection between them a bit more. I know I do, as a female reader, get inspired when there’s great characters in the story with interesting relationships to others.” Roberts believes there to be a healthy female audience for comics. She says: “Girls don’t only seem to cosplay as their favourite characters they also buy comics too. “I always get excited talking to people who are inspired by comics and even more so to learn that they have taken their passion even further, that it in turn has inspired them to create something, like fan art, fiction or even their own original stuff. “To which I say to them: see you next