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You won’t believe which movies have fewer Oscars than ‘Suicide Squad’

The "Suicide Squad"Image: warner bros Everyone’s still talking about the craziest thing that happened at the Oscars on Sunday: Suicide Squad winning one. The DC Comics anti-hero action movie took home Best Make-up and Hairstyling. Fans had fun with it, while film snobs took it hard. Just like Suicide Squad.

Fun Batman or Dark Batman? Hell, Why Not Both

Every fan knows Batman’s origin story. No, not the one about Bruce Wayne’s parents dying in Crime Alley. I’m talking about the taleof a gritty urban vigilante who was created in 1939, only to be mercilessly watered down into kid-friendly fluff, culminating in a hyperkitschy1966 TV show. Ever since then, the story goes, brave creators have fought to make the Dark Knight dark again. For years, everyone I knew believed in this legend. We all looked down on the Adam West version of Batman and sneered at the Joel Schumacher films. I came of age believing that Neal Adams, Frank Miller, and a handful of other comics creators had rescued Batman from a fate worse than death. And that Tim Burton and the team behind Batman: The Animated Series had helped to complete a much-needed rescue operation. Then Christopher Nolan came along more than a decade after them to once again save Batman from his worst enemy: silliness. But I never could have predicted that I would be devouring a new comic based on that 1960s TV Batman, while eagerly awaiting The Lego Batman Movie, the candy-colored spinoff of Lego Moviehittingtheaters today. Somehow, in the past decade I’ve learned that

Representation Win! Popeye Is Being Honored For Its Honest Depiction Of Whatevers Going On With Popeye

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Home channelled girls to ‘truth serum’ hospital – BBC News

Image copyright Fred Loasby Image caption Dr Kenneth Milner, Aston Hall’s medical head, is accused of carrying out traumatic “therapies” on children Aston Hall in Derbyshire was opened in the 1920s for those deemed to have mental health problems. It could cater for about 100 children of both sexes, but took adults as well. Image copyright Wellcome Trust Image caption Sodium amytal, a so-called truth serum, was originally used on traumatised soldiers A treatment run by Dr Milner saw patients, including a number of children, being isolated, stripped and drugged, according to claims. Records show he was using sodium amytal and may have been employing “narcoanalysis” – a military method for treating servicemen with repressed traumatic experiences, which was largely abandoned after World War Two. This evidence, combined with a lack of published research and few medical records, have led to Dr Milner’s methods being called into question. Many former patients have spoken of the trauma of the process, with some claiming to have had false memories of abuse suggested to them and even been sexually abused by Dr Milner. But new research has shown there was a system for bringing children, particularly girls, to Aston Hall. Image caption Former