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Meet Ichabod, The Most Optimistic Canine That Will Instantly Make You Smile

Ichabod might just be the most optimistic dog on the internet. He’s the creation of a US digital artist who goes by the name of Ayla StarDragon, and as you can see from this selection of our favorite illustrations, it seems that nothing can kill his positive spirit. Whether he’s turning a tumble into a nap, laughing at himself in the face of insults, making the most of life giving him lemons, or simply cheering folks up with his trial of happy vibes, we could all learn a thing or two from Ichabod’s optimistic outlook on the world.   #1   Read more:

Love and Rockets to Wonder Woman: 20 comics and graphic novels to look forward to

From the return of an underground classic to the rebirth of a superhero, here are some of the titles to pick up in late 2016 and early 2017 Exits by Daryl Seitchik (Koyama Press, September)Seitchik follows up her Ignatz award-nominated Missy comics with a debut graphic novel focusing on mirror-store clerk Claire Kim, who hates herself and the world she lives in. Claire spends her days showing customers their reflections while dreaming about erasing her own: a wish that ends up coming true. ZA Photograph: Drawn and Quarterly Cheap Novelties by Ben Katchor (Drawn & Quarterly, September)Subtitled The Pleasures of Urban Decay, this collection of one-page strips featuring real-estate photographer Julius Knipl was originally published in 1991. Twenty-five years on, its observations of what is lost as cityscapes evolve and shift due to gentrification and changing demographics are still fresh and relevant. DB Equinoxes by Cyril Pedrosa (NBM, September)The second of Pedrosas books to be given an English translation, Equinoxes promises to be another work of watercoloured gorgeousness. Divided into four sections (to correlate with each season), it follows several unconnected people who, as they seek equilibrium and meaning, begin to cross paths. ZA Mooncop. Photograph: Drawn & Quarterly Mooncop

My favourite Owlturd comics

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Chris Evans’ biceps were really that huge in ‘Captain America: Civil War’

That scene from ‘Captain America: Civil War.’ You know the one Image: YouTube LOS ANGELES They were the guns gawked at ’round the world. And get this: They were real. The moment in Captain America: Civil War when Cap holds down Bucky’s departing helicopter had all the hallmarks of a digital-beauty enhancement and hey, there’s no shame in that. Just about everyone gets a little help in postproduction these days. SEE ALSO: Yes, Richard Madden’s eyes really are that blue IRL not just in ‘Cinderella’ But Civil War directors Joe and Anthony Russo, doing the rounds to promote the film’s home video release, swear on a stack of comic books: That shot was all in-camera. 100% Grade A Chris Evans Beefcake, nothing more. Forgive us for being dubious. I mean, look at that thing:   But the Russo Brothers told Mashable on Wednesday that nothing about that shot was enhanced. (Watch for Mashable’s exclusive clip from the DVD extras tomorrow.) “Listen to this,” Anthony Russo said. “The very first meeting we ever had with Marvel, when we came in to ask about Winter Soldier for the very first time, we asked them, ‘Did you guys enhance [Evans] when he came