12 Black Marvel characters everyone should know

12 Black Marvel characters everyone should know

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  10. , Neil. There’s always the next day. And Brandon is quite right, of course; the number of women who treat the object of fellatio as if it were a an oddly shaped corn on the cob is truly shocking. Havent these people seen Fast Time at Ridgemont High? What are they teaching teenaged girls in the cafeteria these days, dammit?!

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  23. Oh my Lord. I read the last few lines in the bookstore and was overwhelmed by the Total. Cliched. CRAP. Young women are actually swallowing this dreck whole, aren’t they? This is tragic. It’s worse than Dan Brown. It’s on par with the guy who wrote The Bridges of Madison County.Oh my God. I loved your review, but OMG. Appalling.

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  85. Happy birthday sweetie..Did u get the card n prezzie, hope so, love the smash page I still don't no what do, I got the little one and didn't realise so there's not much to fit on, one photo and its full,never mind..Would love the chance to win a big un..lolFab colouring luv that image too hun, well hope u had a Fab day and was really spoilt,huge hugzKenzie xx

  86. Thanks for this! I made a rather disappointing chickpea salad the other day with the regular tuna fixins but wasn't impressed. This, however, could save chickpea salad for me 🙂 Also, will there be a vegetarian section in the cookbook? just curious!

  87. Oh how I want to pull one of these right off the screen and eat them! Goodness I would be as big as a house if I hung out in your kitchen…I could be your taste tester! I will bring the wine!

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  89. Wow this picture really points out how similar our builds are. Amazing. My legs are stockier. Own the stocky Kath. Just own it! It’s okay! Aside from the shoes, I probably have the same outfit. And I look awesome in it! Even though I still have 18 lbs to lose.

  90. Um. I need one of those. Stat.Ok fine, I have to save lots of money and build a garage with studio above it first. But then! Big shelf of amazingness!PS- Did I mention it’s amazing? Because it it. You rock.

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  93. So sad that Z didn’t have what she needed in her first months of life and how that effects her life. I’m so glad she got you as a Mama and advocate. You have good instincts. I’ve followed your blog almost since you got Z. Good luck tomorrow.

  94. I live very near to Barcelona and few people check out the amazing hotel bars that are there-especially the W where from the bar you have the most amazing views! Apart from that, Barcelona is amazing and there are SO many things to see…gracia,nightlife, tapas and well amazing food all around!

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  98. I totally agree! I couldn’t wait to ditch the pump — now I sometimes find myself thinking “pumping would be a lot easier than running on this treadmill!” <3 IVF warriors. Congrats on you little guy – I know how hard that journey can be!Jamie recently posted..Twitter:

  99. It’s no race war, it’s a religious war. Idealogical if you’d rather. They started it 1430 years ago. Now it’s a fight to the end. No quarter. It will either be a global caliphate or Islam will cease to exist. And those are the rules THEY set down, not us.Our leaders better stand up and say so soon.

  100. Doc´s opinionGustavo. Thank you for the kind words. I appreciate your comments and interest in my blog. I have been to Portugal a couple of times. Hopefully I will be able to visit again. I hope you will continue to visit the website and good luck with spreading the word in your “corner of Europe”.

  101. Sounds like you're starting to actually worry about this. Initially, you were presuming the Republicans would turn any Democrat attempts at amnesty into Obama's version of the social security debacle, hence the "Bring It On" attitude a few posts back. But now that the GOP leadership is on board with it, it's all dire warnings about Mexican baby booms and Trojan horses. Ur funneh, Stevo.

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